Export Documentation (Full Day) 27 April 2017

Accurate export paperwork ensures goods arrive at their destination without delay and is also the principal means by which the exporter can demonstrate compliance with the increasingly complex legal, customs and security framework.

  •  Explanation of export control requirements
  •  The requirements of different countries
  • The basics of export contract documentation.
  • The need for clear and coherent audit trail.



International trade courses accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce. Certificates are issued on successful completion of each module.

A Foundation Award in International Trade is awarded on the completion of six modules.


Full Day Standard £300 + VAT
Full Day Member £240 + VAT
09:15 – 16:30

Half Day Standard £150 + VAT
Half Day Member £120 + VAT
09:15 – 12:30 (am) 13:30 – 17:00 (pm)

Inclusive of certification fee.

Bespoke training package and in-house delivery available.

Contact Jo.Price@southwaleschamber.co.uk for further details.


Date - 27/04/2017 @ 09:15


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